Maintenance Log
Timestamp Item Comments

Deployed new application.

Upgraded to 6.5.0.

NNXxxx Neos NNI Interxion

New carrier NNI ordered in Interxion LON2. Expecting delays due to port capacity issues at Neos.

Upgraded to v3.2.0.

Upgraded to bullseye.

AS9002 Transit Interxion

AS41495's new transit link with RETN (in Interxion LON2) has now been brought into service.

Deployed hyperglass v1.0.4 as looking glass.

Upgraded to v2.5.276.

Significant number of updates pushed to,, and Also introducing and

Upgraded to 1.3.0.

Upgraded to 21.0.4.

Upgraded to 1.8.2.