Maintenance Log
Timestamp Item Comments

Upgraded to 1.41.1.

Replaced unit with different switch to alleviate port problems. Successful.

Upgraded to 1.39.0.

Testing: ovs-vsctl set port bond140 bond_mode=active-backup

Updated l2mtu to 9216.

Upgraded to 6.49beta54

Upgraded to 6.49beta54

Upgraded to 6.48.3 following a kernel panic:

jul/09/2021 21:45:55 system,error,critical router was rebooted without proper shutdown jul/09/2021 21:45:55 system,error,critical kernel failure in previous boot

Upgraded to 6.49beta32

ZW30930434KK 01706367108

Upgraded from FTTC to GFast on 2021-04-10.

Couldn't ping even though directly connected. Problem seems to be the fs132 interface, so all VLANs for interfaces named fs131- are currently tagged on the fs132 bridge.

Upgraded to v2.11.0.